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This is a "rainbow" litter in which one of each of the four Burmese colors is represented. It is always a cause for excitement when we get a rainbow litter! (This litter had two extra sables in addition to the four siblings shown here.)

From left to right: blue, champagne, sable and platinum.


Right: A champagne kitten at 2 months of age.

Note that his eyes are blue! Burmese are born with dark blue eyes, which gradually turn green. As they grow the eyes subtly change from khaki green to a hazel and then to the gorgeous golden hue that we recognize as "Burmese" gold. The gold may range from a lemon yellow to an intense amber color. In some Burmese the gold eye color changes with age and gradually becomes a golden-green shade.

Coat colors may change as well. Sables become darker and richer with age; champagnes darken; platinums may get a bluish-lilac haze on the back and tail , and the lighter icy-blue blues will gradually enrich to a more substantial hue.

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