Cecile Kuttnauer

This website is dedicated to my mother, Cecile Kuttnauer - whose devotion to and love of cats - and dogs - was unrivaled.

When I was a child, we had a beautiful reddish-gold Cocker Spaniel named “Minka”. Minka birthed a litter of 13 pups - and lost her life doing it. I remember watching my mother feed all those puppies - each was marked with a dab of food color on its tummy after being fed. Imagine having the patience to bottle feed 13 puppies three times a day? Boxers were our dog of choice for many years - affectionate, silly dogs who adored their humans - and also had a nice load bark. Later, we had two cats - an aristocratic Siamese named “Tuptim” and my white cat with some black spots I called Muffin. My mother discovered some feral cats by her place of work - and saw to it that none was ever hungry. When illness forced her to be homebound and live on a very modest income, she somehow managed to send a donation each month to a no-kill shelter in San Diego. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my mother ingrained in me a love of and appreciation for all cats - and in particular, a tremendous respect for the purebred cat. An Honorable Mention should be made to her very best friends - Sam , Muffy and Tuptim - who gave her life meaning and dignity in her final years.


Ken Berrin

A special Thank You is in order to my husband, Ken Berrin. When we first teamed up and decided to live in sin, I explained that we must to go the Shelter and adopt a cat for our new household. Horrified, he put up a good fight - but lost. He “didnt’ like ‘em and he didn’t want ‘em” . . . . however, like so many before him – once he lived under the same roof as a BURMESE CAT – all bets were off. He too, succumbed to their legendary charms, his allergies disappeared and he became Cat Father Extraordinaire. The very first Sunday after we adopted Suzette, he thought she might enjoy a drive to see the Ocean! Indeed she did. In fact, Suzette was the STAR ATTRACTION on Oceanside Pier - people were fascinated by this tiny, milk-chocolate colored girl with the dark ears and tail - they swarmed around us asking questions and asking to pet her. Some of our Japanese visitors asked if they could video tape her! In true Burmese fashion, Suzette handled her instant stardom with complete indifference - and allowed all to gaze upon her with awe.

Ken soon learned to birth kittens, cut cords, tubefeed and even take a temperature (perhaps his least favorite task). He is adept at his position in our Laundry Division, and unrivaled in Department of Litterbox Control. He has excelled in Garde’ Mangere and can whip up a tasty batch of London Broil au tartare’ for Sunday brunch that the kittens just rave about. Ken has driven (and flown) far and wide to cat shows to exhibit the Bon Marche’ kittens and cats and is currently writing his thesis on What To Do When Cat Has To Go #2 While The Plane is in the Air.” (A complicated topic). Besides all of that, Ken is a wonderful husband and father who works hard for his (ever growing) family - and has never failed to “bring home the kibbles."



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