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Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From Suzy & Family:


Hi Suzanne and Ken,

I thought I would write and let you know how our family is doing after several years of being blessed with Bon Marche' babies!

Four years ago I showed up on your doorstep at Christmas with my husband Tony and daughter Melissa. I had recently lost my 22 year old Siamese (Liberty) and was very upset. My family decided they would get me a kitten for Christmas. Tony had seen your business card on my desk - I had written on it that I met you at a cat show in San Diego and LOVED your cats.

poste6.jpgTony made an appointment with you and he and Melissa drove me to your house. I had no idea why I was there! After your warm welcome, we sat in your family room & you came in carrying a basket with 3 adorable kittens in it! Everyone yelled "Surprise" --- "Merry Christmas". I couldn't decide which kitten was the cutest and since there were two platinums I felt I couldn't separate them. Tiffany and Tag (Hueur), two of the cutest "twins" in the world, became mine. Our home was "theirs" from the minute they walked in! Every inch of the house is theirs to play in; they have their own dishes and toys, chairs and games, and we share our bed with them at night. A year or so passed and we heard that your blue girl, Sterling Silver was being retired. We brought "Terlie" home and became a three-Burmese household. Another year or more passed and I began thinking "colors". You had a little girl ("Sheer Bliss") who was nicknamed Pinkie. I fell in love with her on sight and decided I had to have this Champagne Burmese too. "Pinkie" has so much personality, she absolutely RULES the roost! She came bouncing into our house and all the other cats took a step back - trying to figure out who this "new" girl with such "leadership" qualities was! Pinkie made herself right at home and even jumped right into our bed that night. I would never again own any other cat except a Burmese - and speaking of that -- one of these days we need to complete the "Burmese Rainbow" and adopt a sable! I want you to know how much we all adore these cats -- and be ready -- one of these days you will get the phone call that we are ready to add the sable.

Susi & Family

Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From Gloria:


Hi Suzanne,

Thought you'd like to see what Nico is up to these days. He still runs the house including me.

He's a master manipulator especially when it comes to food, and he's a chow hound or chow cat. He and Danny Boy, as you can see by the pictures, are the very best of friends. They play together, and chase each other around the living room. Nico loves to tease Danny, hiding around a corner, jumping out at him, then running to hide. What a pair! They keep me laughing. He's mellowed quite a bit, tho he still gives Jazpur a hard time occasionally. But they really love each other, and it's a kick to watch them wash each other's face.

poste5.jpgThe best part of him is that he is so sweet and loving and adores me. They sleep upstairs on the fur rug on the sofa. All three are too much since they'd be all over me. Anyway, Nico is the first one at the door mewing in this tiny kitten voice that's barely audible. Then I let him in and we cuddle together on my pillow while he purrs himself silly. He purrs all the time and loves to be picked up and snuggled.

This is really nice since Jazpur does not like to be picked up and stiffens & fights to get back down. But he comes to me when he's ready for loving and will sit on my lap. KC is a lovable Siamese Slob and finds my lap and chest irresistible to cuddle on while purring in my ear....and he's a big cat. Nico is an absolute joy to have around. Oh yes, the refridgerator photo. Nico loved jumping up there when I was in the kitchen, so I put boxes on top to keep him off. Didn't work. He's a very determined cat. He jumped up there anyway scattering boxes everywhere. If you can't fight them, join them. So I put the kitty bed up there.

And for a week all three cats stayed up there day and night loving this new "spot." They only came down to eat. Now they could care less. . .except for Nico. He still loves being "Top Cat." Are you still busy showing your beautiful cats? By the way, the two paintings are my latest oil paintings which will be shipped off tomorrow to my fine art publishers in New York. There they will be made into prints which will be sold to the public. This nice job enables me to stay home and produce lots of beautiful pictures for reproduction.

Have a nice evening,

Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From Dale:


Hi Suzanne and Ken.

I just wanted to give you an update on our "fur family". I am sorry I don't have pictures. Larry had his cameras stolen (still and video) - so we are without a means to take pictures!!!!!

poste4.jpgAdam is growing up so fast - he is very sturdy and solid feeling. He is just a darling - very curious and loving - a real cuddler. Shasha (our blue) at this point seems to be the "ring leader" - she is the most aggressive and adventurous of the group and more aloof than the rest - but for Burmese this is really a relative term - because they are all so loving really.

Misha is just bundle of dark brown joy. She is so cute!!!!. I took Misha for her first "well kitty" visit this week. She had her check up and her suture removed. Dr Cole said to tell you that she is the most beautiful little sable kitten he has ever seen - he was really smitten! He also said that it was obvious that you were an excellent caring breeder - straight from the vet's lips to your ears.

Tanya our older cat seems to be returning to health. She is eating more and has started to groom herself. Several nights ago she groomed little Misha for a few seconds. It was wonderful to see. All of the babies are being good with her - they are friendly - but not over bearing. They were all sleeping together on our bed the other night - that was so amazing. I have supervised visits. Tanya is with the other kittens during the evening when I am home. During the day - they are still "segregated". On the weekends they are all together as well.

They all follow me from place to place - so I have to walk more slowly with 4 cats under foot - but it is so cool to see all those tails in the air like little flags.

Hope all is well with you. Love to you both from Adam, Sasha, Misha and Tanya.



Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From Michelle Scansy:



I don't know if you remember me, but I adopted BoyBoy from you almost 2 years ago. I have thought to write you many times over the last 18 months to provide an update.

poste3.jpgHe provides such joy that I can barely remember a time when he wasn't part of my life. He and my female sable burmese, Peggy Sue, have become great friends. Peggy is about 15 years old and BoyBoy takes great care of her.

I have attached a picture. It is not the best quality, but I'm sure you can understand the challenges of taking kitty pictures.

Thank you again and have a good day!

Michelle Scasny


Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From Brenda:


Hello Suzanne,

Pierre is doing spectacularly! He is the most self-assured and affectionate kitten we've ever experienced. The first time he saw me and the boys, he started purring (VERY loudly!) and hasn't stopped since! What a happy little boy he is. I've never seen a Burmese before, but if Pierre is representative of Burmese, what an incredible breed this is. Nothing startles him, and new sounds or noises are met with curious stares, not shrinking and running away to hide. What a wonderful job you did in creating this little treasure. I'm so glad we met you! Thank you for the joy.



Wednesday, 20 October 2004
From CA:


Hi Suzanne,

Louie and Chanel are both sleeping with us! They are adapting to our house and getting along great.

But the bigger news is that I got my first kiss from Louie! Of course it was at 4:30 in the morning - but I was so happy that he has finally shown that level of affection towards us - (Jon is still waiting for his "first kiss").

Chanel kisses me every morning at exactly 5 a.m. - then moves on to play or visit with Jon. This week at 4:30 a.m., I felt a littler larger presence onmy chest and it was my sweet boy Louie - and he did it - two little kisses on my check. It was so cute. We finally feel like we've won him over. He was a much "tougher sell" than Chanel. Her immidate posture was "feed me, love me and make me your Princess."

Louie liked to play and started bonding immediately with Jon - Louie and Jon even have very similar personality traits! They are very cute together. In any case, we would love to have you guys over for dinner to see how well they have transitiioned. Check your schedule and let us know if next Thursday works for you.


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