uzanne and Dr. Kenneth Berrin are the founders, owners and proud parents of all kittens born at Bon Marché Burmese.

(Suzanne) am a former pastry chef specializing in creating wedding cakes. We both were novice gardeners and spent years designing and maintaining our garden in San Diego, CA. Our prize winning roses were tended by Ken and proudly exhibited by myself at local garden clubs. Once the wisteria bloomed and the English Rose Garden was thriving, I found myself wanting a small companion to love, nurture and spoil.

hile on my way to the garden one afternoon, I glanced at the television, and saw a sight that made my heart race with excitement. Perfectly poised on a pedestal sat a Burmese cat, its posture regal and its golden eyes gazing back at me mysteriously. The sight was so mesmerizing, that time stood still for a few moments. Within three days we had appointments with two local Burmese Breeders. Our intention was to purchase a sable male Burmese. We visited Carol Mackay and the Netsuke Cattery in early July of '97. There were 3 or 4 kittens to choose from and it was hard deciding just who was the most adorable!

he decision was made for me when a spunky little Champagne female kept rubbing against my leg. She was cute, but seemed a little too quiet. Just as I asked Carol if this kitten was ever more "active," she expertly performed 3 back flips, landing gracefully and very coolly meeting my gaze. Needless to say, the papers were quickly signed and "Netsuke' Suzette" joined our life (pictured above left).

hus began the odyssey into the world of exhibiting and breeding Burmese cats! We quickly grew to love this breed intensely; their insouciant ways, their keen intelligence, supreme confidence, and their delicate looks supported by lithe & graceful bodies. The Burmese, as cherished by royalty years ago, still today carries a special mystique that charms and enchants.We hope to bring many exquisite cats both into the show halls and into your lives.

wning a Burmese cat is an experience you will forever cherish!



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