These are the very handsome young men of Bon Marche' Burmese!

In addition to their wonderful good looks, the Bon Marche' Boys are what I call "melt in your arms" cats. As the "Valentino's" of the cat world, they know how to charm both their humans and their young women!

BW, RW, GC Bon Marché Diablo

Best Sable Burmese Champion - Burmese Club Show '05
BEST IN SHOW, Best Sable Burmese CH - CFA INT'L '05
Best Sable Burmese CH Nationally - CFA - 4/05 - 2/06


Bon Marché Bordeaux

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GC Bon Marché Adonis
3rd Best Dilute Burmese, Region 5, 2002
CH Starstrutter Once In A Blue Moon
of Bon Marché
Bon Marché Benoit


Retired studs:
Sir Galahad




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